Velociraptor "rapid thief" is a famous drameaosaurid who lived in the Gobi desert,Mongolia. It is the size of a Basset hound. Animal Armageddon says Velociraptor also lived in 65 million years ago, Velociraptor vanished in 75 million years ago. In 1971, a complete skeleton of a Velociraptor is found having a battle with a Protoceratops. The Velociraptor immediately uses it's hand claw strip of the stomach of the Protoceratops, and the Protoceratops bites the Velociraptor hand so the Velociraptor is struggling to stand up, they both died because a sandstorm appears. They appeared in Panic in the sky, one scene shows that a mother Velociraptor protects it's nest but two females are coming to steal her eggs, the mother rans away so the females had food to eat. Because canibalism wipes out their species. It's foot claw helps it to grab on it's prey's throat, until the prey is suffucated to death.