Troodon animal armageddon

A pair of Troodon, seeing all the fires caused by impact.

Troodon is a Troodontid featured in Doomsday, Panic in the sky, Strangled and the Next extinction

In Animal ArmageddonEdit

In DoomsdayEdit

In Doomsday, two Troodons are first seen killing a juvenile Hadrosaurs, only to have their kill stolen by a Tyrannosaurus. After the asteroid strikes, a shockwave of molten fire spreads out from the impact, but the two Troodons survive in a cave. They emerge in a burning wasteland.

In Panic in the SkyEdit

In Panic in the Sky, Troodon is shown in the aftermath of the impact struggling to survive. They are one of the last surviving kinds of dinosaur, but there was not enough food to support the population, and so the entire species died out. It is possible that they survived a little longer by eating mammals, insects and lizards, but that's not going to sustain their population due to T-rex.



  • Troodon was shown scaly in the program, but it was most likely feathered in real life.
  • Troodon is now considered a dubious genus; Stenonychosaurus would be a better choice.
  • Troodon lived at least 10 million years before the extinction; 77 to 76 million years ago.