Triceratops animal armageddon

A herd of Triceratops, before the earthquake hits

The Triceratops is a ceratopsians dinosaur that lives in the late cretaceous period. It appeared in Doomsday, Panic in the sky, Strangled and the Next extinction.The Triceratops is 3m tall, 9m long and weighs 12 tons.

In DoomsdayEdit

A herd of triceratops gets hit by an earthquake, yet survive. They are later seen getting hit by meteor fragments.

In Panic in the sky'sEdit

A triceratops fights and wins against a T-rex in a fight. The triceratops went extinct after periods of darkness and predators, yet it is possible that triceratops survived the darkness, only to go extinct before the last t-rex does.