The great extinction is the 5th episode of animal Armageddon and it takes place before Strangled, Doomsday and Panic in the sky. This episode goes from 250,000,000 years B.C. to 249,800,000 years B.C.

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The Siberian traps made the most catastrophic event that earth had ever known. In the beginning of the episode the Earth was nice & peaceful. The intro says "What would it take to exterminate life on Earth. To kill every living thing and turn the entire world into a barren wasteland. 250 Million years ago. It nearly happened. The result of a volcanic apocalypse, unlike any ever recorded in history. Our planet a wonderful place of life in a cold dark universe, nearly dies with only a few species left to start all over again. This is the worst catastrophe life on Earth as ever endured. Who will survive the Great Dying, on Animal Armageddon"

Lystrosaurus, Gorgonpsians, Dicynodons, and Thrinaxodons rule the world for a long time. Then the Siberian Traps erupt in Siberia. It caused a tidal wave of liquid fire the narrator said. It also said the lava could cover all of New York state in 48 hrs. Then lava gets by a Lystrosaurus and falls into the lava. Then low oxygen levels from global warming came in. Also came global cooling which is mentioned but not shown in the episode. Then came acid rain killing all the plants. Then the eruptions continue and continue.

The planet got so hot that ocean currents stopped and lost the oxygen in the oceans. Then the new bacteria in the ocean produced a deadly gas called Hydrogen Sulfide and suffocates everything around it. Gorgonpsians are struggling to survive and are now prey to Proterosuchus. Once the extinction ends, Gorgonpsians, Dicynodons, trilobites and sea scorpions went extinct, along with most of life. Lystrosaurus, Thirinaxodon and Proterosuchus survives, along with sharks and a few other life forms.

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Dimetrodon was supposed to appear in this episode, but was cut because they already have two carnivorous synapsids.