Strangled is the 6th episode of animal Armageddon. It focuses on the Triassic extinction. This episode goes from 200,000,000 years B.C. to 199,400,000 years B.C.


It was only 50 million years since the biggest mass extinction and life is doing great. Dinosaurs and mammals thrive, but they are not the rulers of this planet. other archosaurs are the dominate ones. However, all of it's going to change. Pangaea begins to break apart causing a mass extinction. The primitive dinosaurs and mammals are doing fine during it, due to their lungs, but the crocodilian like creatures and remaining synapsids (not shown in episode) are not doing well thanks to lung design. This causes Desmatosuchus to be prey to Staurikosaurus. Several pterosaurs begin to starve to death, with the lucky ones eating archosaur carcasses. The extinction then ended some thousand years ago. Desmatosuchus, Rutiodon and Eudimorphodon went extinct. Staurikosaurus and are ancestors Megazostrodon survived, the former and a few others from his kind, will evolve into many dinosaurs yet to come.