Pterygotus animal armageddon

A Pterygotus hunting it's prey

Pterygotus is a genus of eurypterid that lived in the Silurian to the Devonian, and was the one of the largest arthropods to exist, at a length of 1.6 meters. However, there was larger arthropods, like Arthropleura at 2.1 meters, and the largest, Jaekelopterus, at 2.5 meters long. It occured across many parts of the world, from parts of Gondwana (South America and Australia) to Laurentia (North America) and Baltica (Europe).

Death RaysEdit

Pterygotus would not appear until the end of the episode, depicted as preying on and feeding on the acanthodians, trilobites, and nautiloids that it shares its habitat with.

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