Protoceratops"first horned face" is an asian relative of Triceratops, also a ceratopsian. all of the ceratopsian's ancestor is Yinlong

"hidden dragon". Protoceratops appeared in Panic in the sky also, like the Velociraptor, and even the Tarbosaurus, the asian tyrannosaur, it didn't live in 65 million years ago, infact, it went extinct in 75 million years ago. This herbivore fed on the conifers in the desert, the Gobi desert is lush green filled with numerous plant life and refreshing streams surrounded by desert plains once Protoceratops was alive. hence it's name means" first horned face " it has no hornes at all. instead, it had a small bump.Protoceratops fossils are so common that almost everyone

knows about it.One of the famous finds on Protoceratops is the "Fighting dinosaurs" a Protoceratops fighting with a Velociraptor. In Animal Armageddon, it reveals that this sheep sized creature lived in herds as well as nothing but prey for the Velociraptors and the Tarbosaurus. Saurolophus " Lizard Crest",Therizinosaurus"Scythe Lizard" who Animal Armageddon didn't mentioned.