Panic in the sky is the 4th episode of Animal Armageddon. It focuses on the last year of the reign of dinosaurs. this episode goes from 65 million years B.C. to 64,999,900 years B.C.


Within 2 days since asteroid impact, some dinosaurs are already endangered. By day 3, a T-rex, weakened by hunger, tries to hunt a Triceratops, but gets killed by it instead. Starting at week 1, acid rain begins to pour, causing the Tarbosaurus and most Titanosaurs to go extinct. After 2 weeks the acid rain ends, killing some dinosaurs. 1 month after impact, darkness begins to block out the sun, causing the herbivores to not see well. After 4 months, all herbivorous dinosaurs and most plants went extinct (It's possible that Triceratops, Edmontosaurus and Ankylosaurus (not seen in program) survived the darkness before T-rex does). In the next 3 months, remaining carnivorous dinosaurs try to find food by eating Remaining herbivores (if they survived), raptors and their own eggs. Troodonts are lucky to eat mammals, lizards and insects, but they later go extinct as well. By month 8, some remaining T-rex's will begin to eat members of their own species. Any remaining herbivore would be extinct by 9 months and a half. By month 10 the last T-rex goes extinct, ending the reign of dinosaurs. Pterosaurs and Mosasaurs went extinct as well. Sharks, fish and certain sea animals survived the extinct, along with Purgatoris. Once the clouds cleared, the mammals will rule the earth.


Trivia Edit

Gigantoraptor was going to appear in this episode as prey for Tarbosaurus, but was cut due to timing.