This is the last episode of animal armageddon. It hypothesises what would happen if the comet or asteroid that killed the dinosaurs struck today.


  • H. sapien
    • Cockroaches standing on debris
    • The meteor
    • Impact
    • Giant rat
  • Falcon
  • Giant rat
  • Supersized cockroach
  • Many animals also appear as well.
  • Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Hadrosaurs, Troodon, Purgatoris and Megazostrodon all make cameo appearances from doomsday and panic in the sky.


Scientists record a meteor. They study its path and find out that it is headed for earth and specifically New York. People learn about it and governments start to build underground shelters. In the last days some people go mad and revolt. Then the meteor strikes and destroys New York. The human race has survived but with a low population. Those that did make it were mostly people who were already used to having little acces to modern technology. Some of the living with a lot of tachnology did make it but not that many. Then in the destroyed streets of cities some big cockroaches go on with their daily lives of finding food and avoiding larger predators like tthe giant rat. The rat grabs a cockroach and kills it but a falcon has it in its sights. The bird comes down chasing the rat away but just as it was about to grab the huge rodent the rat turns around and makes a run for the dead cockroach but just as it was about to grab the dead insect the falcon seizes its chance and kills the rat getting a big meal. Then the episode explores ways humans could avoid such a disaster if it happened such as using nuclear weapons, gravity tractors or a kinetic impactor.

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