The extinction begins

Hell on earth is the second episode of Animal Armageddon. It takes place in the Devonian period. This episode goes from 377,000,000 years B.C. to 367,000,000 years B.C.


The world is doing better then it once was. However, a volcanic plume begins to erupt. Dunkelosteus and other animals begin to escape for their lives. Tiktaalik gets out of the water to escape, joined by Eustenopteron. Materpieces tries to survive by giving birth to live young. Within years, droughts begin, causing many Bothriolepis to die. Within many years, trees unfortunately help the extinction get worse by having their leaves fall off and make earth cooler. Most Tiktaalik die off as a result. Dunkelosteus is not doing good ether and is forced to cannibalize each other, causing them to go extinct. Materpieces also went extinct. Soon the extinction ends and the remaining animals including Eurypterids, Trilobites and Acanthodians thrive. Bothriolepis also survived, but are now preyed on by Ichthyostega, a descendent of the remaining Tiktaaliks.