Hadrosaurs searching for food

Hadrosaurs are a species of dinosaur that lives in the late Cretaceous period. The size differs. They appear in Doomsday, Panic in the sky, Strangled and the Next extinction.


Hadrosaurs (presumed to be the genus Edmontosaurus) are seen escaping a meteor much smaller then the one coming. One is later attacked by Troodon, but a Tyrannosaurus sends them packing and eats the Hadrosaur. Once the asteroid hits, they begin to go extinct. They also got hit by tsunamis.


size comparison of a Hadrosaur

Panic in the skyEdit

Hadrosaurs are seen trying to escape the flames. They later went extinct due to darkness and lack of plants (they along with Triceratops possibly survive it, but later go extinct before T-rex does).