Desmatosuchus animal armageddon

A herd of desmatosuchus

Desmatosuchus is a plant-eating Ateosaur
An ateosaur,a type of crocodile reletive

Featured in


Type of animal



16 feet




Late Triassic

Did it survive?

extinct,220-200 million years ago

that was featured in episode 6 of Animal Armageddon, Strangled.

In Animal Armageddon Edit

Strangled Edit

The Desmatosuchus were fine until the extinction hits. With the fact that their lungs are not adapted for the less air world, they are easy prey for the Staurikosaurus. They did not survive this extinction with Rutiodon.

Errors Edit

It only lived in the United States. But since the continents were all together it may have ventured out of it's native-continent.

It lived before the extinction event.

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